How IIoT Overcomes Specific Life Challenges

Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin
3 min readMay 10, 2021
Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin

The IIoT is one of the most important trends in the world of technology today. It has found its way into many industries and it has transitioned from being a concept into reality. It has revolutionized many sectors such as computers, energy, healthcare, manufacturing. Other industries are beginning to make use of the Industrial Internet of Things where there is an increase in the use of devices such as robots, insulin pumps, sensors, and many more.

Research has shown that the Industry Internet of Things has a promising future not only for the industry but also for every individual. The use of IIoT will help many people better their career and standard of living because of its value creation opportunities. But it also faces many challenges such as security, storage, planning, and many more.

Read on as Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin, a program director leading the design, development, and deployment of enterprise software, and service solutions for companies all over the world explain how lloT overcome specific life challenges.

Problem With Safety

One of the challenges the industries face while implementing the IIoT is safety. This is because deep integration of connected devices and physical control can provide new methods of attack. Although, safety measures have been put in place for many years. But measures do not consider how logical attacks can affect physical systems. Fortunately, the new collaboration channel between Information Technology and Operational Technology can be leveraged by industrial enterprises. This collaboration can be used to tackle the challenges of safety, explained Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin.

Storage of Big Data

With the use of the Industrial Internet of Things, the industry faces challenges with data storage. The amount of data generated daily is truly mind-blowing, yet they must be processed very fast with none missing. The use of many devices or sensors has also increased the network complexity, explained Zulkernyne Tahasin.

Implementation of a hybrid storage model which can be for long-term or short-term storage has played an important role. The use of high-quality software and hardware tools and advanced analytical tools to collect, process, and analyze data across the system has also helped in storing extensive data.

Problem With Security

Any device controlled by network communications and uses the internet is vulnerable to hacking and the Internet of Things is not exempted, says Zulkernyne Ibne Tahasin. For example, malware such as spyware, virus, ransomware can be maliciously uploaded into your internet-connected laptop while trying to download a software upgrade online. Although, it is not a new problem in technology it’s becoming more rampant and organizations and businesses are losing many resources.

This problem is also affecting manufacturers, operators, pipeline control, and many more. Industrial enterprises are now taking steps to secure the Industry Internet of Things by integrating advanced cyber threat protection solutions into their network. This will not only protect against any form of cyber threat but also help recognize cyber-attacks.



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